How Does SterlingFAX Work?

SterlingFAX requires no additional hardware and is completely expandable. Each user is assigned their own personal fax number which is linked to their e-mail address.

Incoming Faxes
Incoming faxes are routed through Sterling’s fax server and then are automatically distributed to your personal e-mail inbox as a PDF attachment. You have all the advantages of a PDF document plus you can store or print the message as you would any other computer document. For example, you could create folders in Microsoft Outlook that pertain to certain clients or subjects.

Outgoing faxes can be sent two ways:

  1. From within a Windows application. SterlingFAX works with any application that uses standard Microsoft® Windows® printer drivers. You open a file in the application, and then in the printer dialog box, you select the SterlingFAX printer and enter the destination fax number using the Microsoft® Fax Wizard.

    SterlingFAX sends your message to our fax server, which then transmits the fax via regular phone lines to the recipient’s fax machine. A digital confirmation is automatically sent to your e-mail inbox.

  2. Via e-mail. This method gives you ultimate flexibility for sending faxes from your PC, or from Macs and mobile devices that do not use standard Microsoft Windows printer drivers. You write an e-mail message and optionally attach a PDF document to the message.

    You address the e-mail message using the fax number and the SterlingFAX server address.

Either way, SterlingFAX sends you a delivery confirmation in your inbox.

Outbound Option 1

Outbound Option 2